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UN MODO SEMPLICE PER AIUTARCI DEVOLVI IL TUO 5X1000 ad APDIC codice fiscale: 91328810378

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Membership to the association

On the occasion of last December it has started the RENEWAL OF PASSES FOR THE CURRENT YEAR. Those who were not present, or people interested in joining should contact the secretary, Mrs. Luisa Baesi (tel. 345 8491152 - luisa.baesi@gmail.com ), available for any further information.

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About Us

APDIC is a Voluntary Association for the benefit of recipients of Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices. To carry out its mission, APDIC

  • delivers information and education to the patients, to let them become an active part into the therapeutic process (patient empowerment);

  • disseminates information about the many aspects of CIED therapy, to overcome the prejudices and the barriers still existing in everyday life;

  • promotes research, to enhance the understanding of the true requirements of CIEDs recipients and the development of new technologies with a high individual and social value.