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Membership to the association

On the occasion of last December it has started the RENEWAL OF PASSES FOR THE CURRENT YEAR. Those who were not present, or people interested in joining should contact the secretary, Mrs. Luisa Baesi (tel. 345 8491152 - luisa.baesi@gmail.com ), available for any further information.

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Skin Issues


Skin surveillance is a good policy to detect pending skin erosion, thereby to prevent serious complications.
Skin can suffer local ischemia owing to several mechanisms:
compression by a pocket hematoma (following CIED implantation or replacement, trauma, or spontaneous). Use of Heparin or of Anticoagulants greatly increases the risk.
Compression by the CIED or by the lead/s on the long term
Relevant body weight loss
Chronic illnesses or malignancies


Several solutions may help to prevent skin issues, particularly at CIED replacement : sub-pectoral CIED placement, or housing the CIED in a wide subcutaneous pocket avoiding tension on the skin; careful lead placement to accommodate gentle coiling in the pocket.


What should I notice ?
Some findings are absolutely abnormal, and need to be reported to the centre in charge of CIED recipients follow up:

  • Skin reddening over/around the CIED
  • swelling
  • local bulging of the device or of the lead/s
  • surgical wound opening
  • oozing of any fluid

Do not try a personal treatment for any of these findings: refer to a centre experienced in the surgical management of CIEDs-related issues.