1. Training: 

  • Two meetings are planned: one in spring and one in autumn. The first of the two could be held at the annual Assembly in April for the approval of the 2015 report. The theme is “The collaboration of the patient in the prevention of infections of implantable devices”.

2. Participation in the Joint Consultative Committee at Policlinico S. Orsola – Malpighi (working group on Training-Information. In 2015 the group developed a document, to be submitted to the CCM and subsequently to the General Management, concerning psychological assistance for hospitalized patients).

3. Presidio dell’Ambulatorio Pace Maker with Volunteers APDIC:

  • Support for volunteers with training and new tools

4. Assembly Report 2014:

  • By April 30, 2015

5. One or two recreational or cultural initiatives based on the indications received from the Assembly.


6. Lomastro Award 2015:

  • the exclusively scientific prize will be awarded per person, to be identified within the PM Outpatient Unit, which will be assigned the task of following the research on the conditions of ICD carriers who renew their driving license.

7.  Conclusion of the competition for secondary schools of second grade on the prevention of cardiac arrest and awarding of the prize. 

8. Possible extension of activities to other provinces. 

9. Approval of the Annual Budget 2015