Why join Apdic ?

The physical as well as the psychological and the emotional aspects of life are unsettled by any health problem and, although medical care is efficiently delivered during the hospital stay for acute illnesses, living with a chronic medical condition is a lifelong demanding human experience.

As outlined by our President Carlo Lomastro:

“It is necessary to avoid cutting ourselves off, because loneliness leads to inability to cope with such a distressful event as a chronic illness may be. To meet with others is truly important to overcome common problems, either practical or psychological.”

APDIC aims at this goal by means of support and education to CIED recipients and their family.

To achieve the objectives we need to make our growing group and full of shops.

The Association is also proposed as a simple community of people who share a status, concerns, desires, which are found to feel more secure and less sun.
An affectionate greeting.
The President
Armando Luisi