Program 2019

1. Volunteers at Ambulatory PM

  • Request from the PM clinic staff
    Need to cover at least three days a week
    Need to give continuity to the service

2. Educational and / or recreational-cultural events
at the Frassinetti club

3. Joint Consultative Committee participation (CCM):

  • Delegate Donatella Sabbadini

4. Participation in public events:

  • The stars of the s. Orsola
    Other initiatives in agreement with municipalities or voluntary groups

5. Print magazine and guides:

  • Apdic magazine
    New guides (infections – remote monitoring)

6. Reporting Assembly:

  • 13 April 2019 – San Lazzaro di Savena

7. Participation in the AIAC conference – Bologna, April 2019:

  • Prevention of infections
    Access to MRI diagnostics

8. A new consulting service or friendly support:

  • The service aims to collect requests for help from the carriers of cardiac implantable devices with reference to organizational, family and personal needs.
    Practical tricks
    Hospital visits